Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool program offers an educational curriculum, daily organized art projects, circle time, sign language, music and sensory stimulation. Our preschool teaches numbers, letters, problem solving and offers many activities to encourage fine and gross motor. We also focus on developing high levels of self esteem and confidence in our preschoolers by always encouraging them to "use their words."

7:00AM ARRIVALS-Free play in gym

9:00AM CLEAN UP GYM-Circle time: Calendar, Flash Cards

9:30AM MORNING SNACK-Kids wash hands before and after snack


10:10AM SMALL GROUP CHOICE TIME-Manipulative stations, art project/work sheet

11:00AM GROSS MOTOR-Gym or outside depending on weather

12:00PM LUNCH-Kids wash hands before/after lunch, book/house station when done

1:00PM NAP TIME/QUIET ACTIVITES-Bathroom then nap time, non-nappers quiet games in gym or outside

3:30PM AFTERNOON SNACK-Kids wash hands before/after snack

4:00PM SMALL GROUP CHOICE-Manipulative Stations, art project/work Sheet

5:00PM PICK UP TIME-Free play as parents arrive, Group Activities: Musical Chairs, bingo, outside play (duck duck goose/other games)