Parent Testimonials

"We are so grateful for the love and care you put into taking care of our kids. Your daily reports on their lives at school, your efforts to keep us involved, and your patience with us and all of our questions are all greatly appreciated."

George and Janet Hager

"I do want to tell you that what I love most about the center is how you have been willing to work with me. It took me six months to find a place I could trust and then six weeks later I got fired. This has been a very stressful time, especially financially. I couldn't pull Kiva out. Both of us were already attatched. I was afraid that he wouldn't have a spot when I got a job (I had no idea it would be this long). The last thing I wanted to do was to have him in and out of various child care situations. You understand that life happens and are very compassionate and understanding. My choice to stay has been enabled your ability to financially work with me and I totally appreciate you. Thanks for your love and care for Kiva. I completely trust you and that to me is priceless."


Our kids stayed home for the first three years of their life, but finally it was time to leave home. We looked for a place where our kids would be safe, nurtured and at the same time would get discipline while learning and having fun. When I found Imagination Station I felt an instantly that would be the perfect place for our kids, and thankfully we were not wrong! Imagination station provides a safe environment where our kids can learn new things, make new friends, in a structured yet nurturing environment. Our kids do not consider Imagination Station as a daycare, for them is their "Little School" (escuelita) and they love being there.


I can truly say that while I miss my children during the day, I have never had a moment's worry about their welfare or the quality of the care they are receiving. This is extremely important to me, because it allows me to give my full attention to my demanding work.

Another great quality about Imagination Station is that I feel that all of the children get lots of individualized attention and care. All of the staff know my kids individual personalities and they work to adjust their styles and interactions to best meet each child's specific needs. I also really appreciate that they take the time to build relationships and see the strengths in all the kids they care for. The director and staff have always shown a lot of flexibility in meeting the changing needs of my kids, as well as changes in their schedules and routines.

Imagination Station is always clean and organized and I feel that staff has a handle on where each child is and what activity they are engaged in at any given moment. The director and staff work hard to plan and run activities that are fun and creative for kids at various ages and developmental levels. The staff also demonstrate their engagement with the kids by taking the time to check in daily with parents during drop-off and pick-up.

I feel really great about the director, assistant managers, other teachers and the activities at Imagination Station. I have recommended Imagination Station to a number of my friends and will continue to do so. It is a truly wonderful place, where all three of my kids get lots of love and special attention to help them grow and develop.

Mary Krogh (Imagination Station Mom)

Our five year old has been cared for by Brandi Webber since he was eight months old and he loves her like another parent. She has always provided a place full of love and respect for children. When Brandi made the transition from running an at-home daycare to a daycare center (Imagination Station) we were worried it might not be the right setting for Henry, but he loved the additional staff members Brandi hired, the new space with the room to run and play (indoors and out) and plenty of activities to stimulate his expanding mind. He's in school now, and so doesn't have as much time at Imagination Station, but he excitedly looks forward to school breaks and the summer when he'll be able to spend more time with friends and caregivers that he trusts and loves.

Kerri Creager and Brian Johnson (parents of Henry)

The Imagination Station is hands-down the best daycare we have ever experienced. The staff is responsible, the atmosphere is loving, and most importantly, children love the place!

Babies are loved and adored in their infant room, while older children have many areas to play as well as arts enrichment and fun field trips. The kids are wonderfully diverse and the staff is trained in handling any issues that arise. This is a truly family-centered care center. I have used the center now for years and I never cease to be amazed at what a warm and professional person the director is, and what an outstanding daycare she has created. Brandi Webber runs what might be the best child care facility in Portland. I'd recommend the Imagination Station to any parent!

Rene Denfeld (mom to 3 Imagination Station graduates)